You have the world at your fingertips. You can book a flight to the other side of the globe, check the weather, find accommodation, look for nearby tourist attractions and have a book delivered to your office before departure, all while having a quick coffee break before the next meeting. Every single moment is streamlined - right up to the moment where you need to answer the simplest of questions: are you, in fact, you?

What should take less than a minute becomes an afternoon as you rush to find certified copies of an ID document or something that will suffice as Proof of Residence. Except they're all neatly filed away in the back of the least accessible place at home because you didn't think you'd need them all that often.

You briefly wonder why they can't just use the details you gave them last time, but the thought is interrupted when you realise the address they're asking you to confirm is from your old place and your phone number was entered incorrectly in the system.

As the ordeal finally draws to a close and you head home, irritably noting that there's a 20 minute delay on your usual route, you're certain that something this common should not be this difficult.

You're right.

BIOVAULT is an online, biometric-based Identity Management service that puts control of your identity where it should be - in your hands.

Information is becoming more accessible on a daily basis as we connect ever-increasing numbers of devices, accounts and services to each other, and with each milestone it becomes increasingly important to maintain control over who you share your information with, what you share with them and what they are allowed to use it for.

Since its inception, BIOVAULT was built to comply with the latest, most comprehensive Privacy Laws in effect today. At its core, BIOVAULT embodies the belief that the individual should be in control of his or her information and that this shouldn't be managed by any Government or bound to any specific country.